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Sensory Exploration - Art Therapy with L



  • Art Appreciation

  • Collage

  • Drawing

  • Sculpture

Sensory Exploration as a part of Art Therapy is beneficial to people of all ages who are looking to improve focus, creativity, impulse control and frustration tolerance. It offers an opportunity to concretely organize and obtain order from confusion. Part of the Art Process is to integrate, bring together, to find mass and boundaries and to strive for balance and design in one’s work. It is a practice rehearsal for similar efforts applied to one’s own life. Art making through Sensory Exploration is an opportunity to develop concentration skills, gain feelings of control and have successful experiences.

Sensory Exploration Through Art

Art Appreciation

The Art Therapist will use selected work from Abstract Expressionists and work closely with the client to appreciate color, line, and design of the artwork. Questions are then used to prompt the client in discovering the meaning of the art piece and make sense of the feelings that emerge in the process. Understanding what draws us to certain pieces of art helps us discover our inner passions, fears, and desires.  Art Appreciation through Sensory Exploration is also a way to increase creativity and focus on here and now.


Creating a collage through Sensory Exploration involves cutting out, gluing, and using various materials to create a free design that expands our senses and allows for the discovery of insights and new ways of looking at life. The Art Therapist works closely with the client to observe the process and help interpret the choices that were made during the creation. Learn more about Collage here.


The process of Drawing through Sensory Exploration is not about creating something but using the act of moving one’s hand, arm, wrist in a kinesthetic manner. The Art Therapist observes the client throughout this process while prompting the client with questions to guide him/her in understanding motivations and emotions.


Like collage, assemblage can use any material available to create a multidimensional object. The process that is involved when creating a sculpture is a powerful tactile experience of sensory involvement. This Art Directive allows the client to experience space and orientation, while increasing personal awareness. The Art Therapist observes the client as he/she chooses certain materials and experiences emotion in order to guide him/her in understanding their intentions and feelings. 

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