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Creative &

Expressive Writing

  • Reframing Questions

  • Journal Prompts

  • Who am I?

Creative & Expressive Writing allows you to find wisdom, intuition, and your conscience which is your inner voice. Through prompts and reflective questions, the Art Therapist helps you find and nurture your spirit. Writing allows you to unlock your creative voice and energy. This is a way for you to communicate with yourself and then learn to communicate with others. The Art Therapist helps guide the process so that it becomes a way of mending and healing, that is insightful and revealing. 

Reframing Frustrations

  • The practice of letting go

Materials needed: Paper, Pen/Markers/Colored Pencils, Scissor, Tape/Glue 

Write or draw any of your anxieties or frustrations on a page, being as elaborate as you wish. Then take your page and tear it up. Take the pieces and create a collage, incorporating any art materials you have around the house (magazine clippings, glitter, etc).


Writing, tearing, and creating demonstrates how we feel, express, and work things out.

Journal Prompts

Writing things down at the beginning or the end of the day has its health benefits. The act of reflection as well as writing can relieve stress and provide a healthy way to express emotions. Start with simple journaling prompts and adding art with the pages is fun as well. Here are some ideas:

  1. My favorite way to spend a rainy day is….

  2. My favorite piece of clothing is….

  3. 10 things that make me smile are….

  4. My favorite words are….

  5. If my body could talk, it would say….

  6. Using 10 words, describe yourself…

Writing Activity: Who am I?

What parts of myself am I most comfortable sharing with others on an everyday basis? 
How do I present myself to those I don’t know? 
How would I like others to see me? 
What do I like about myself? 
Do I treat myself with respect and love?
What abilities or skills do I have? 
What abilities or skills would I’d like to develop? 
Everyone lives with limitation. What are mine? If one of them could talk what would it say to me? What does it need?

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