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Art Therapy with Lynn Cukaj, Art Therapist



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Parenting Group: Promoting Social & Emotional Development in Children
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Helping Children, Teens & Adults Navigate Change & Foster Growth Through CREATIVE EXPRESSION

Art therapy enriches the lives of individuals through creative artmaking and applied psychological theory. The process provides an effective means to express feelings and ideas that are often too powerful or confusing to communicate verbally.

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Why Art Therapy?

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Improve cognitive and sensorimotor functions

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Foster self-esteem and self-awareness

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Cultivate emotional resilience


Promote insight

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Enhance social and interpersonal skills

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Reduce and resolve conflicts and distress

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Board Certified Art Therapist

“Art therapy is a way to make the non-verbal visible and help those without words connect with their emotions.” 


enhance social skills

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Mindful Activities - Lynn Cukaj Art Ther


  • Improve Focus & Attention

  • Gain Impulse Control

Mindfulness and Guided Imagery_ Art Ther


  • Explore the Imagination

  • Express Emotions Free of Judgment

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  • Habituate Positive Thinking

  • Relieve Stress

  • Develop Reflection Skills

Art Therapy - Self Expression - Lynn Cuk


  • Calm the Body & Mind

  • Focus on the Here & Now

  • Practice a Nonjudgmental Mind

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Podcast: Guest Speaker Lynn Cukaj, ATR-BC, MHC-LP

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Episode Description: 

What is art therapy? Lynn Cukaj has the answer! Join her on The Everything ECE Podcast with Carla Ward where they talk about what art therapy is and what it isn’t.

Podcast Description: 

The Everything ECE Podcast, brought to you by Early Learning Foundations, is a podcast for early childhood educators and leaders.

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Episode Description: 

Learn what social emotional learning is and why social emotional wellness is so important in raising kids today.

Podcast Description: 

The Somers Schools Tusker Talk Podcast invites professionals from Somers, New York and the surrounding area to discuss topics that impact students.

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