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Spring Into Self-Compassion

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

By Lynn Cukaj, ATR-BC, MHC-LP

Art Therapy for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Despite winter lingering for another month or so, the sun is setting later in the day and we are continuously awarded with a few more moments of daylight. On some warmer mornings, we can even hear the birds sing; another promise of what is soon to come.

As we emerge from the winter months, we may start to feel the need to make a change in our lives. Perhaps we have been hibernating from our friends and had limited contact with some extended family. Some of us feel that it is just too cold to go outside for a walk. When the temperatures drop, we prefer to spend our evenings wearing pajamas, binging on Netflix, and scraping up the bottom of that Ben & Jerry's pint of ice cream.

This may be exactly what our mind and body need during the winter, especially after a hectic holiday season. However, when the weather begins to warm, and the crocuses and daffodils start to pop through the soil beneath, we are lured outside to soak in the change in seasons. We begin to get back into our regular social patterns, spending more time with friends and family while enjoying the outdoors.

If this is not you, and you continue to isolate through the Spring, you may be experiencing something more serious than the “winter blues”. Social isolation could negatively impact your relationships and your mental wellbeing. Speaking with a therapist or engaging in Art Therapy and other creative activities may shed some light onto what is at the core of your choice to self-isolate.

As we transition into Spring, certain physical and mental activities can advance our personal growth and prepare us for the upcoming season. Connecting with friends and making plans or initiating new routines can spring us into action. If you feel yourself stuck, perhaps stepping outside your comfort zone may be the answer. This could mean joining a group of likeminded individuals for a hike or going on a solo bike ride. It may mean venturing into the city to explore a new museum. Many local schools or community centers have evening classes that can teach you something new, like cooking a specific cuisine, gardening, or learning how to play an instrument, for example. In the spirit of Art Therapy, you may choose to join an art or pottery class. If you have never experienced Art Therapy or a creative arts exercise, this may be the ideal time to try one out. Just like we discussed in our resolutions blog in the New Year, what is most important is to make a firm decision to do something and follow through with it. What we choose to do may not ultimately be what we are looking for, but it will help us find our direction.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” - Lewis Carrol, Alice and Wonderland

As we transition into Spring, it is also a good time to dedicate moments for self-compassion, self-care, mindfulness, and gratitude. As humans, we need to recognize that we are all fallible and each one of us is on our own individual journey. We share common thoughts and feelings but how we interpret, perceive, and process those thoughts and feelings is what makes us unique. We need to find what works for us in order to stay focused on the goal of bettering ourselves.

Self-compassion is when we treat ourselves the way we treat dear friends and family. The respect and love we show for them, we also show to ourselves. We are so quick to put ourselves down; we criticize our hair, skin, and body. We effortlessly compare ourselves with others. But do we criticize our friends and loved ones, especially when they are feeling vulnerable? No - we would never! Self-compassion encourages us to be kind and thoughtful to our feelings, the way we would be to others. It’s about taking the time to care for yourself every day, and especially in difficult times.

Art Therapy Activity: “Dear Me”

A "Dear Me" letter is a heartfelt moment of reflection, where we extend self-compassion, kindness, and love to ourselves using our own words. This daily exercise offers an opportunity to speak to ourselves as we would to a cherished loved one, fostering a sense of mindfulness in our tone and choice of words. By dedicating a special notebook by our bedside, we can pen these letters and acknowledge how we can treat ourselves better, offering apologies or compassion for moments of challenge or self-criticism. Let's embrace this practice as a nightly ritual, allowing ourselves to be kinder and more understanding towards our own journey. Below is a beautiful example of a "Dear Me" letter:

Dear Me,

I grant myself the freedom to embrace my feelings, even the overwhelming and frustrating ones, knowing that I am doing my best. I am strong, capable of conquering challenges, and I need not strive for perfection. With love and understanding, I let go of self-judgment and extend the warmth of compassion to my heart.

Love, Me

What are your plans for self-care and self-discovery this Spring? Please share your comments below as they may inspire some other people during this transitional time of year.


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