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Daily Mindful Activities - Anchoring Ourselves in the Present

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

By Lynn Cukaj, ATR-BC, MHC-LP

Art Therapy for Children, Teenagers, and Adults

In the rhythmic dance of our daily lives, we find ourselves entwined in numerous activities—preparing and eating breakfast, showering, getting dressed, stepping into the world of work, and beyond. Often, we navigate these moments on autopilot, oblivious to our thoughts, behaviors, reactions, and emotions. The essence of Mindful Activities is a heightened awareness into our routine; savoring each moment consciously, attuning our senses to the beauty that surrounds us.

Take a precious pause, allowing yourself to be captivated by the sights, sounds, sensations, flavors, and scents that envelop you. Through mindful engagement, we connect to the present moment, enriching our lives and grounding us in our existence.

Let's illustrate this with the example of going for a walk...

Engaging in a Mindful Walking Meditation

To fully embrace the essence of this walking meditation, it is encouraged to walk at a slower pace than usual. With each step, immerse yourself in a state of mindfulness, from the moment your heel makes contact with the ground to the moment it gracefully lifts, paving the way for your other foot to touch down gently. Slowing down your body during this practice helps calm your thoughts, making it more effective to engage your other senses.


As you step outside, the world greets you with simplicity and beauty—a bright blue sky, majestic trees, and peaceful, empty streets. Take a moment to appreciate the delicate flowers adorning the sidewalk, gently swaying in the breeze.


Listen closely to the gentle wind, its whispers mingling with the rustling leaves, creating a calming melody. Occasional sounds of passing cars and the cheerful chirping of birds fill the air.


Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, harmonizing with the refreshing coolness of the breeze. With each step, ground yourself as your feet connect with the earth.


Pause to savor a cup of coffee, relishing its taste and aroma. Let the warm liquid leave a comforting sensation as it moves through your body.


The breeze carries the fragrance of blooming flowers and the earthy scent of trees, while the freshly cut grass from a neighboring home adds to the natural tapestry of smells.

Embrace this mindful walk and cherish each moment. Through your senses, the world unfolds in its simplicity and wonder.


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